About Me

I was born curious and am more than ever, in my element when I work. I always stay open, attentive and in receiving mode for all of the guidance that help me help my clients along the road of finding their best health and an increased quality of life.

I am educated in Cranio-Sacral therapy for animals and chose to also learn how to communicate telepathically with animals. This was incredibly intimidating for me at the start and really pushed me - as I wasn’t at all convinced that telepathy or clairvoyance were available for us to work with. I used to make fun “that kind of stuff”.

As it turns out, it is very possible and in all honesty quite easy. Everyone can learn how to tap into these abilities as they are a natural part of our human existence. We used to use these abilities all the time, and have just forgotten about it.

I have since helped many pets and their owners, and the pets have helped me realise and find my own intuition, something I am incredibly grateful for.

Today I use all my faculties and all layers of communication universally available which assists both me and my clients, two-legged and four-legged.

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The techniques I use are unique, assisted by wisdom from the universe
and my many years of experience.


My Approach

The techniques I use are unique, and assisted by wisdom from the universe and my many years of experience.

“When you learn to listen to your body when it is whispering, you avoid it screaming” are one of my mottos.

Additionally I supplement my practice with nutritional and supplement advice, homeopathy, acupuncture, mindfulness and grounded, down to earth tips and tricks.

There isn’t anything that I would call supernatural anymore. Everything is natural, and I believe that the term supernatural came to life a long time ago in connection with modern day religions and the burning of witches.

I have always been a very grounded person with tough skin, with both feet planted firmly on the ground. I have, however, during my years as a therapist shifted my perception of what is possible and what energy work and spiritual awareness and consciousness can contribute with in relation to our health and bodies.

I believe your body makes you sick to make you well. It is telling you that something is not working optimally to give you the possibility to get yourself back to a healthier you. The body can give you physical, mental and emotional triggers or signals.

When a client comes to me, typically some time has passed since the symptoms showed up (often several years) and perhaps there are several symptoms that according to our medical system and how we are taught or bodies work, have no link between them. As a Holistic practitioner I look at this a bit differently. When clients have had their aches and pains for longer periods of time, issues with the digestive system or not recognising their own thoughts quickly lead to a feeling of frustration, hopelessness and a lot of stress on their entire system. Therefore the first session is a thorough conversation followed by a de-stress treatment.

An essential part of my approach to the body, is to help my clients understand the language of the body, learn how to listen to their inner wisdom and through this process re-establish a trust in themselves and an ability to cooperate with themselves again.