It’s incredibly important to take responsibility for your own wellbeing and healing process. Supplementing treatments with doing your own work will increase the potency of the work and help with achieving the best possible results.

Through working with all of my clients over the years, I have found a number of exercises and meditations to be particularly helpful for my clients to do at home. Below are a few of these.


The elixir of love

When you were created, and went from existing of two to a millon cells, an elixir of love was created in your heart. Since it was created simultaneously as all the other cells in your body it carries with it a direct access to heal your body on a cellular plane.

The elixir is nourishing, healing and protective. It is a gift for you from you. It can never be depleted. It is incredibly powerful and can be used for healing on a physical, mental and energetic plane.

All you need to do is find this elixir inside of your being, nourish your heart with it and then it will be accessible for you anytime and anywhere.

  • Start with finding a comfortable place to lie down.

  • Take three deep breaths and notice how your body relaxes.

  • Then turn your attention inward and feel your heartspace. Ask for permission to see and feel your elixir. There is no wrong way of doing this. Sometimes the elixir appears in a little bottle, sometimes it is brought by an animal, and sometimes it appears as a colour or shimmery air. However it comes to you is perfect.

  • Allow the elixir to fill up and nourish your heart. Always start with this.
    When the heart is filled up, allow the elixir to flow wherever it is needed - wherever you feel that it is needed. You can also let it fill up your entire body and thereby give your entire system a boost.

If you like to you can ask yourself ‘how much do I love myself right now’ on a scale from 1-10 before and after doing this exercise.

Relax your lower back

Lie down on the floor, onto a carpet so that you don’t start to freeze. Have a chair by your butt placed so that you can place your feet and calves onto the seat. Lying in this 90 degree angle helps with relaxing the lower back, and those suffering from collapsed vertebrae, chronic inflammation or tension can find great release by doing this for 10 min twice daily (or more). Simple but effective!


Many of us struggle with small and large symptoms in the from of bodily discomfort daily. My philosophy is that if you don’t listen to what your body is telling you in a whisper, it is going to shout.
So the best thing to do, is to break the patterns that ignore what our body is saying and have a listen. This exercise will help you break the pattern that has contributed to making you ‘sick’ or cause the symptoms to arise.

  • Lie down in a comfortable spot and take three deep breaths.

  • Direct your attention inward and feel your entire body.

  • Ask yourself if there are any areas that are in need of some extra attention today. Give it a moment and listen, a number of things could come to your attention.

Our bodies have varying ways of communicating with our conscious mind. You will typically notice an area of your body, feel an itchy sensation, a nerve tingling, belly rumbling, feel some discomfort or slight pain. This is your body calling on your attention. You could also see an image of an area, or just know exactly where to go. Regardless of how this shows up, your body is communicating with you. Often a number of places will pop up at once, but just go through them one by one.

  • Breathe into the area that is calling on your attention. Keep going until you can notice the area becoming quieter, changes in quality or simply disappears from your radar.

  • Continue to the next area and breathe there.

Usually 3-5 different areas come forth, but just breathe through all of them and you will find yourself slipping into a deep relaxation. It is common to fall asleep while doing this.

This particular exercise can be preventative for a lot of things. It is also an excellent sleeping pill!