Client Testimonials


Nathalie Rickenbacher

I contacted Nina when my tinnitus flared up again after several years of complete silence. I was not in a great place in my life due to a number of factors and my entire system was a bit of whack to say the least. I’m not even sure I was actually living inside my body then, looking back now and I was absolutely devastated that the tinnitus had returned.

Nina helped me unravel a whole bunch of trauma I didn’t even know I was sitting on, and helped me take an honest look at myself in the most loving and supporting way. She helped me find back home to myself on all levels – physically, spiritually and mentally. A lot of issues I’d had for a long time eased off or went away completely. A bit more than a year on, and I am brand new person. I have made big changes in my life and Nina’s support has been essential part of this process - the catalyst really. The tinnitus is still lingering, but my ability do self- soothe and deal with it is 1000% better.

Nina has helped me regain trust in myself, the universe and everything in between. She is a great practitioner and I highly value her expertise, but do in no way feel dependent on her for my future development and healing process, which for me is an important part of a practitioner/client relationship. She has given me so many great tools to work with and showed me how to develop a sensitivity when listening to my own body, that now I am well equipped to look after myself better.

If I weren’t moving to another country I would continue to see Nina regularly.


I clearly remember my first session with Nina. A nerve in my lower back was being pinched and walking was quite painful. After the session I walked away without any pain and was surprised that such a big shift could occur so quickly.
What I truly value with Nina is her holistic and humane approach. I perceive her as sensitive, empathic and tactful and wise in her delivery. She gently holds space while still being highly professional in her anatomical knowledge, which makes leaves me feeling safe. I have often recommended Nina’s services, and will continue to do so.

Gitte Grøndahl

I came  to Nina because of various physical challenges like tension in the jaw, neck and shoulders that I contracted after a head injury. I knew that my physical symptoms were connected to mental challenges that I was struggling with in a turbulent relationship. Nina lovingly held space and cared for all my mental and physical complaints. I gained an understanding  for how it was all connected during our sessions, and with Ninas help was able to start letting go. I love Nina’s approach, she gracefully navigates between physical science based facts and intuitive healing. She is highly intuitive and is very respectful, gentle and loving in her approach. Nina’s abilities are something else and has helped me go through deep healing processes.


When I came to see Nina I was incredibly stressed. Probably on my way to a complete burnout. My husband had become very ill and we were in and out of hospital constantly. Worry, uncertainty, confusion and grief - a perfect cocktail for a burnout was cooking inside of me. My physical symptoms had manifested in backpain, stomach aches, worry, confusion and a difficulty staying concentrated. I was also tired and carried big lump of sadness around with me.

With Ninas help I found peace in my body and soul and was able to be there for my husband, particularly the last years before he passed.
After his passing my body just shut down. I was completely exhausted, felt hopeless and started to have palpitations.

With Ninas help I returned to better physical health, more peace of mind and it was great to have somebody to speak with regarding spirituality. It was liberating to see the connection between my thoughts, feelings, experiences and sensations. It has given me an understanding for how important it is to be true to oneself and remain open and loving in the face of challenge. I can once again take care of myself, lovingly and with lots of feel good.

It is very likely that I will make use of Ninas treatments for preventative measures in the future.