Sessions & Pricing


In short

I work with people, not diagnoses.

My role is really to be the diplomat between the part of my client that wishes to change and the part of the client that is clinging to its’ old habits, because it feels safe and familiar.

Apart from Cranio-sacral therapy, which is the basis for all my session, I make use of all that I’ve learnt during my education as Heilpraktiker, a teacher and of course my experience from working with thousands of clients the past 14 years.

My starting point is ALWAYS the body here and now. I rarely prepare succesive sessions or plan my sessions ahead, because the body that walks into the clinic today is a completely diffrent one that left our last session. It is incredibly important do meet the body and soul and its needs right here and now.



Adults per session
750 dkk. | ca 60 min

Kids per session
400 dkk. | ca 30 min

Kids card | 5 sessions    1.700 dkk      

Family card | 5 sessions  3.300 dkk
*Max. 2 kids sessions per 1 adult session. 

Open daily. Call to make an appointment:
+45 41 40 00 62

When Cancelling 24 hrs prior to a session 50% of the session is billed. Unless I find somebody else who can take your scheduled appointment