Here you have the opportunity to work on yourself, intensively for 5 days. It’ll be just you and me - your private therapist.

Together we put together a plan focusing on what you need right now.

There are many ways to your optimal transformation, that can help your body return to a state where it can begin to heal itself. Having a coach or mentor that can mirror and guide you through this process is immensely helpful.

The retreat is entirely tailored to your needs, and after what you wish to work with

Here is how it works

After agreeing on a time and place for your retreat we put together a rough plan, so that you have the chance to prepare beforehand. It is however important that you remain open to potential changes to the program, since we will be listening to and guided by what your inner and bodily wisdom has to say throughout the retreat.

You will be staying at my private residence in Denmark or abroad. I am stationed on Mallorca nov,dec and jan 2019/20 where retreats are also held. I provide meals, treatments, guidance and exercises. All you have to do is to let go and be in the process.

The processes you will be moving through are all based in love, serenity, safety and stillness. Both in relation to yourself in body and spirit and the space I hold for you.


The retreat costs 9500 Dkk. Included in the price are: Your stay, meals, treatments, sessions, preparation and 2 follow ups via email.

My regular prices apply if you wish to add extra treatments or sessions after the retreat.

You provide for your travel costs, and if the retreat is to take place outside of Europe you will have to add a bit to the price for my travels. If you live outside of Denmark I am happy to come to you and run the retreat.


Your retreat could include

  • Cranio-sacral therapy

  • Personalised meal plans including supplements

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • Conversations regarding transformation of destructive or subconscious pattens 

  • Walk and talk

  • Time for reflection

  • Personalised movement and exercise plans

  • Conversations 

  • Clairvoyance and intuitively guided mentoring

  • A plan for your future goals

Questions? reach out to me
+45 41 40 00 62